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News: OTS test their 25th type of vehicle against STANAG 4569 / AEP-55 Mine Blast

STANAG 4569 / AEP-55, VSAG and VPAM tests

OTS has been conducting Stanag 4569 tests in accordance with AEP-55 since 2008. Over that time we have tested a wide range of vehicles - encompassing in-service vehicles, various developmental designs, and a number of prototype vehicles. OTS was independently chosen by all three competitors for the LPPV procurement competition held by UK Ministry of Defence.

The AEP-55 tests come in two flavours: ballistic and blast.

Blast Testing

The blast tests in AEP-55 Volume 2, require that the vehicle is challenged by a nominated threat - from grenade to large buried mine, depending on the intended protection level. These threats are represented by surrogate explosive munitions, variously surface laid or buried. The surrogate buried mines are laid in a large specially graded sand/gravel pit with controlled density and water content.
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Example of buried mine location for AEP-55 Volume 2

The test acceptance criteria are based on vehicle displacement and integrity, and on accelerometer readings from ATD ‘crash test dummies’ inside the vehicle, with both internal and external high speed video to verify the general response.

OTS facilitates the entire AEP-55 test, from sand/gravel pit preparation, supply of surrogate munitions, provision of vehicle workshop and installation of gauges and high-speed cameras, management of ATDs, data recording, site safety and trial conduct, and data processing.

Ballistic Testing

The ballistic tests in AEP-55 Volume 1 have six levels of threat severity, from small arms up to 30mm cannon, plus artillery fragment simulating projectiles (FSP’s). Various faces of the vehicle are subject to shots in specified patterns.

OTS conduct AEP-55 ballistic tests at all threat levels at the Faldingworth site, where the largest indoor range in UK can accommodate armoured vehicles.

VSAG and VPAM testing

OTS can conduct blast and ballistic tests to VPAM and the latest VSAG specifications, which are comparable with STANAG 4569 / AEP-55 but also encompasses police, security and commercial vehicles.

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Example of AEP-55 shot impact angle specification